Healthy, lasting love can be yours.

Hey there, I’m Britny! 
I’m a self-love coach for women ready to heal from toxic relationship patterns and attract their healthy ideal partner.

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You Woke Up WOrthy book

Love yourself. Transform your life!

You Woke Up Worthy is a 21-day guided workbook and journaling experience packed with self-love practices and prompts to help you let go of shame and self-judgment, re-connect to your higher self, create a daily self-love practice, get clear on your purpose and big dreams, and start living your best life now rather than someday.

As women we are bombarded with messages on a daily basis that undermine our awesomeness. We are told we must buy this special cream or weight loss shake, and then we’ll be enough. We are told we must get the guy, have a high-flying career, and be the perfect mothers without letting a single shoe drop. The truth is we are all worthy and enough, just the way we are. There’s nothing we must do to prove or earn our worthiness.

This self-love experience will help you discover that truth within yourself so you can start feeling deserving of your big dreams and stop self-sabotaging your own happiness and success.