How to feel confident in a swimsuit at any size

How to Feel Confident in a Swimsuit at Any Size

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How to feel confident in a swimsuit at any size

If you’re anything like me, sometimes loving the skin you’re in is a real struggle. Last night I was scrolling through some old photos on my iPhone and found a picture taken in 2016 where I was a good 40lbs lighter than I am now. I felt my stomach drop as I started making comparisons to how I look now versus then. Very quickly I spiraled into a place that was very far from self-love. It definitely didn’t feel good!

The picture I was looking at last night. Me on my first visit to Split, Croatia (where I live now) in early 2016.
Me at my current weight doing a cheeky little photo shoot in Bali.

The real kicker? I remember feeling fat and unattractive in my body even back then. It pains me to realize that, because now I would love to be that size again. However, it also tells me that the problem isn’t really my weight, it’s the relationship I have with my body.

I have a feeling I’m not alone in this!

This post is obviously for me, as much as it is for you. We all need a reminder that our worthiness is not attached to how we look or what size jeans we can fit into.

We are so much more than our appearance, and it’s also normal to want to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy. That’s why I’ve pulled together a list of things you can do to rock a bikini no matter what size you are right now. It’s totally possible to love the body you have now, even if you want to make changes.

Here are some tips for how to feel confident in a bikini at any size:

Tip #1 Enlist your bestie or your significant other and do a mini photoshoot in your swimsuit.

I still remember how I felt when I first saw the photos my friend Hayley took of me in my swimsuit in Bali (pictured above and below). When I lived there I was surrounded by yogi bodies that made me feel self-conscious and like I didn’t fit in with my curves. Looking at the pictures, I was surprised that instead of feeling my normal feelings of embarrassment and inadequacy I felt sexy, beautiful, and confident!

Now any time I’m feeling down about my body, I go back and look at those photos. I remember that sexy is a mindset, not a size or a goal weight. I encourage you to do the same! Look in the mirror and say, “this is what a sexy and confident woman looks like!” Channel your inner vixen. She’s in there, I promise!

Tip #2 Wear a swimsuit that flatters your figure, and makes you feel good.

If you have a curvy bottom like me, try high-waisted retro styles that offer more coverage. The one I’m wearing above is a suit from Modcloth! You can also wear a one piece with a plunging neckline if you don’t want to wear a bikini but still want to show a little skin. They always have cute one pieces at Target.

I have a one piece, a high waisted bikini style, and also a string bikini. I used to shy away from the smaller styles, but now I’ve decided to rock them anyway. As long as I feel good, it’s all good! I hope that can become your mantra too as you venture out of your comfort zone a bit.

Tip #3 Channel your inner goddess/vixen and strut your stuff.

I’ve found that having a sexy alter-ego I can channel when I’m not feeling so hot about myself, can make all the difference. Hey, even Beyonce has Sasha Fierce! When you think about your inner goddess imagine what she is wearing, how she carries herself, and how she feels about herself. Give her a name too if that helps!

When you’re going out in your swimsuit and you’re feeling a bit nervous, imagine that you are now your inner goddess. Borrow her confidence until it becomes your own.

Tip #4 Remember that everyone else is more worried about what they look like, than what you look like.

At the end of the day, most of us are self-conscious and hyper focused on what we look like than we are on what others look like. This means you really have nothing to worry about, because people really don’t care that much! Isn’t that kinda freeing? Even if they do have a thought about you, it’s based on their own insecurities and beliefs, not yours. What they think is really none of your business, just like what you think about them is none of theirs.

Don’t let your fear of what others think hold you back from having a good time. Rock that swimsuit body, girl! You are beautiful just the way you are.

There you have it! I hope these four tips help you feel better about wearing a swimsuit this season. It probably won’t be an overnight transformation, but if you consistently work on your mindset and tap into your inner goddess you’ll feel a lot better about rocking that swimsuit in no time!

I’d love to know – which of these tips do you plan on trying? Also, do you have any other tips to share? Let’s have a conversation in the comments section!

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how to feel confident in a swimsuit at any size #confidence
How to feel confident in a swimsuit at any size

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  1. DMn gurk, you really rock that suit. I haven’t owned, let alone, put on a swim suit in over 30 years.

    1. Britny West

      It’s time!!! So you haven’t gone swimming in 30 years !: I love the water too much to not get out there hehe. And thank you for the love <3

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