questions to ask yourself when setting goals

7 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Setting Goals

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questions to ask yourself when setting goals

It’s almost the beginning of a new month and you’re ready to set new, exciting goals. Yay! But before you get started, consider this: Are you setting yourself up for success or failure? If you keep coming to the end of the month or the year having come no closer to where you wanted to be, it may be time to try a new approach. It may be that you just aren’t setting the right goals for you. From personal experience I’ve found that there are 7 questions you need to ask yourself when setting goals.

Answering these questions will help you get crystal clear on why your goals are important to you, how committed you are to making them happen, and what you need to do consistently to make the process to achieving them a no-brainer.

Get out a pen and paper and ask yourself the following questions (or you can subscribe and get the free worksheet below):

Free Printable: Goal Setting Workbook

Question #1: What do I feel called to do this month/year?

How often do you actually tune into what you want, not just what you think you should be doing? This question helps you get to the heart of how you really want to be spending your time, and by extension your life. What’s important to you, and what is inspiring you right now? Is there anything you’ve felt drawn to do lately (even if it doesn’t make logical sense)?

Question #2: What do I feel called to create this month/year?

Even if you don’t see yourself as a particularly creative person, in truth we are ALL creators. You may not be an artist or a writer, but you can still be creative in ways that light you up. There is something so rewarding about taking an idea and making it a reality. What do you feel called to create right now? Do you have any ideas you’ve been sitting on for awhile waiting for the right timing? Tap into your creative potential and use that to fuel your goals. What would be exciting to move forward with right now? Go do that!

Question #3: What is my big why? How does what I feel called to create and do align with my purpose?

A lot of people get really hung up on figuring out what their purpose is in life. Here’s the deal: Your purpose doesn’t have to be this groundbreaking never-before-heard-of thing. It can be simple. Here is mine: “To love myself more and help others do the same, to express my creativity, to experience and learn, to cultivate fulfilling personal relationships, and to give back when I can.”

What lights a fire underneath you, and makes you want to hop out of bed and take action? That’s your why. It’s been said that “your why should make you cry” and I agree. If you don’t have an emotional connection to your big dreams and goals, it will be pretty difficult to follow through and make them happen. You just won’t have the motivation to carry on when things get hard.

Question #4: Do I have space for these goals? If not, am I willing to create the space I need?

Now we get to the practical pieces. Are you setting goals that you don’t actually have space in your life to pursue? Do you have a lot going on right now, and yet you’re trying to take on the world at the same time? Be honest with yourself.

If you don’t have time and energy to pursue your goals, how the hell are you supposed to achieve them? Sometimes you’re setting yourself up to fail by trying to achieve impossible goals. However, when you really want something you’ll find the time and energy because it’s important to you. This question is a great litmus test to discover if you actually care about your goal or not.

Question #5: What do I need to do consistently each week to make these goals happen?

You’re probably thinking, this is just common sense! You’re right, and you’d be amazed at how often we ignore the actual steps we need to take to make our dreams come true. Consistency isn’t particularly sexy, but it’s effective. It’s not what you do some of the time that gets you results. It’s what you do most of the time, even when you’d rather be doing other things like binging the latest Netflix show. It’s showing up when an idea is no longer new and exciting. What needs to happen every week to get closer to your goals?

Question #6: What do I need to do consistently each day to make these goals happen?

What needs to happen on a daily basis to make your dreams come true? This also includes self-care, personal growth activities, and other things that need to be prioritized so you can show up as your best self. Remember your health is your wealth, and no goal is ever important enough to throw yourself under the bus for.

Question #7: How motivated and committed am I to do what it takes to achieve these goals (scale of 1-10)?

The key difference between those who hit their goals consistently and those that don’t is commitment. How committed are you to achieving your goals? If you’re below a 7 out of 10, you probably need to tweak some things or delay pursuing that particular goal until you’re more motivated to make it happen.

Don’t shame yourself if you discover that something you thought you wanted, isn’t what you really want after all. It’s easy to get caught up in other people’s versions of success, thinking that if it makes them happy it will make you happy too. I’m speaking from personal experience here! Give yourself permission to pursue only what sets your soul on fire, and you’ll be achieving your big hairy audacious dreams a heck of a lot faster!

Free Printable: Goal Setting Workbook

If up until now you’ve had a hard time following through on your big goals, try asking these questions and see for yourself what a difference it makes. It’s totally possible for you to create your best, most fulfilling life! When you’re crystal clear on your motivation to do something and how you’re going to actually get it done, you’re a lot more likely to be successful.

I’d love to know: What resonated with you most from this blog post? What is one action step you plan to take to make your goal-setting a lot more effective? Let’s have a conversation in the comments!

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questions to ask yourself when setting goals

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