self love and self care instagram accounts to follow when you're ready to change your life and create healthier habits and routines #selflove #selfloveforwomen #selfcareideas

10 Self-Love Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

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self love and self care instagram accounts to follow when you're ready to change your life and create healthier habits and routines #selflove #selfloveforwomen #selfcareideas

Believe it or not social media can be a great tool on your self-love journey if you’re mindful about who you choose to follow. You’re gonna scroll anyway, so you may as well filter your feed so that it makes you feel good about yourself, right?

If every time you get on Instagram you end up feeling like crap, that’s a serious sign you need to do a social media cleanse! Not long ago I did a huge cleanse on my own Instagram account, and now I’m only following people who inspire me, teach me important things, and help me become the best version of myself through their content.

If you’re looking for positive Instagram accounts that focus on self-love and self-acceptance, I’m sharing my favorite people to follow here in this post. Enjoy!

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My favorite self-love Instagram accounts (in no particular order):

#1 @morganharpernichols

Morgan Harper Nichols has a way with words that speaks directly to your soul. As an artist and a writer, her work is inspired by other people’s stories. Everything she shares will inspire you to acknowledge how far you’ve come and help you to keep going, even when life throws curveballs (as it always does)! She also has a shop now where you can purchase prints, stickers, etc. to keep nearby as little doses of self-love.

#2 @selflovegxng

Self Love Gxng’s mission is to “sprinkle your feed with love, light & real ass shxt!” They curate some of the best self-love content shared on Instagram sharing quotes to inspire and motivate you to be a bit kinder to yourself. We all need that, am I right?

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the power of self love 💕

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#3 @alex_elle

Alexandra Elle is a writer and podcaster whose words captivate me every single time. What I love even more is the community she’s built and how connected she is to her followers. She is real, raw, and so damn inspiring.

#4 @dwellinmagic

Jessica Dimas is a spiritual self-care blogger, and I adore her entire aesthetic. If you’re a bit woo-woo, you are gonna LOVE her blog and her feed on Instagram. She shares a lot about creating routines, rituals, and habits that nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Give her a follow if this sounds right up your alley.

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#5 @iammelwells

Do you struggle with loving the skin you’re in? If so, you definitely want to follow Mel Wells. She is a bestselling Hay House author whom I actually had the pleasure of meeting in person randomly while I was living in Bali. She is just as down-to-Earth and amazing in real life – don’t you just love when that happens? She shares all things body acceptance, intuitive eating, self-love, feminine energy, and so much more. Every year she hosts a Self Love Summit in London if you’re looking to go a bit deeper on your self-love journey. Her photos are also incredibly beautiful!

#6 @myselflovesupply

This is another account I love to follow because they curate all the goodness from other top self-love Instagram accounts in one place. They also share some of their own daily self-love tips, routines, and healthy living inspiration.

#7 @xoamandafrances

Amanda Frances AKA “The Spiritual Boss Lady” at first glance may not be what you’d consider a self-love advocate, but if you go a bit deeper with her content that’s exactly what she’s teaching. As a self-made multimillionaire from small town Oklahoma, she will inspire you (and possibly trigger you) to no end. If anything follow her to see a beautiful example of what it looks like to be who you are unapologetically and go after your big dreams.

#8 @yung_pueblo

Yung Pueblo is a writer and a speaker who shares daily wisdom that will completely transform the way you see life, yourself, and your relationship with other people. I love how his work encourages self-reflection, awareness, and personal growth. He doesn’t sugar coat things, but it all comes from a place of radical self-love. He’d be a great addition to your feed if you’re ready to go deeper and really start changing your life from the inside out.

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#9 @taylorstracks

Taylor is actually a friend of mine whom I was lucky enough to meet in Bali through a mutual connection. She’s been traveling all over the world and blogging about her adventures for a few years, but recently she’s started to focus a lot more on self-love and mindset. I’m loving it! Her feed is bright and beautiful, but more importantly her content is so on point. Her posts are like a self-love diary, and I really appreciate her open-ness and vulnerability. Give her a follow if you also love down-to-Earth inspiration.

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You have three choices when you have a bad day: you can choose to let it consume you, you can choose to embrace it and go with it or you can choose to overcome it. On Sunday I chose to embrace my bad day and boy did it make all of the difference. Throughout the week I was being triggered by different things, despite having an AMAZING week. I was seriously high on life but there were still triggers there and I was deflecting them with grace. I breathed, I meditated, I kept up with my morning routine and did things I knew would keep me flowing, and they did. But on Sunday I let a few little triggers get to me. I did my best to deflect them. I worked out, I told myself I was okay, I continued on with my day looking at it as best I possibly could. One thing sent me off though and I went down quick. I spent a few hours crying, trying to regain control of myself but it wasn’t the control I needed. I needed to embrace my emotions and let them flow. I’m one to hold in emotions, I like to be seem as a strong person but holding in emotions can sometimes be the worst thing to do. So I cried for hours, let myself feel and then expressed myself as calmly as I could could (though it did bring more tears). I let myself binge that night but I didn’t eat as much as I usually do when I binge. And I let myself watch TV (Shark Tank on Netflix anyone?) and I went to bed watching TV instead of reading and skipped my nightly hypnosis. Did I give myself a break by not doing the things I usually do? No, it was not a break, I don’t need a break from the things that I do to light me up and improve me. I just did what I needed at that time and what I needed was some Netflix and popcorn and not a hypnosis that is helping me rewire my brain for business. I embraced the emotion, I let it flow and came Monday morning I woke up and got back on track immediately. I didn’t let my Sunday mistakes slow me down or stop me. Oftentimes we’re told to get over our emotions as quickly as we can or to not show them in the first place. I believe this is completely wrong. Why the hell do we even have emotions in the first place if we can’t show them? CONTINUED IN COMMENTS ⬇️

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#10 @lifeasbritny

Haha is it weird to put myself on this list? #selfloveisthebestlove Anyway! If you’d like to get to know me a bit more beyond this blog, Instagram is the best way to stay connected with me. Here I share a lot more of my behind-the-scenes on Instagram stories. I don’t have a perfectly curated feed, but I am real and honest. Remember, I’m just a girl from Mississippi trying to love herself and help others do the same. I share self-love and mindset inspiration to help you feel worthy of the good things in life. I also help you get shit done if you’re tired of self-sabotaging your big dreams! Bonus: If you love the seaside I live in Split, Croatia and post lots of photos and updates from my local hood, too 😉

To wrap it all up

Social media can either make you feel great about yourself or make you feel like total crap. Sometimes we follow accounts that don’t make us feel good out of habit, but honestly it doesn’t take that long to go through your following list and do a cleanse. You’ll feel so much better when you’ve gotten all of that negativity off your feed, promise!

Once you’ve done the great clear out, be super mindful about who you follow from this point forward. Ask yourself, “does this account make me feel better about myself or worse?” Remember that self-love means choosing the more loving option as much as you can.

I’d love to know: Which self-love Instagram accounts do you follow? Who inspires and motivates you to live an even better life? Share in the comments so we can follow all that juicy goodness too 🙂

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10 Self-Love Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now | self-love tips for women |#selflovetips #selfloveforwomen
self love and self care instagram accounts to follow when you're ready to change your life and create healthier habits and routines #selflove #selfloveforwomen #selfcareideas

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